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Driving Music: Supernatural Fan-Mixes

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Driving Music: Supernatural Fan-Mixes

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April 24th, 2013

Not all love stories are easy.

( I am intense, I am in need/I am in pain, I am in love )

April 2nd, 2013

Subject: Dean/Benny
Title: Unarmed
Warnings: Vague spoilers through the first half of S8.

Please find it HERE @ bl00dredskies.

Ramble On:
A season six AU where Cas is human and everything changes.

( And to our health we drank a thousand times/it's time to ramble on )
Medium: Television
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Adam/Ruby
Title: This Tornado Loves You
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers for through season five, but it's sort of AU, so ehhhh. It's meant to be the companion mix to the fic This Brand New Colony, which is the sequel to You've Escaped. But it can, of course be a stand alone mix.

Full album art, lyrics, and download link under the cut

( Love is like a sin, my love )
Title Say Hello To The Monster In Your Home
Subject Adam/Ruby
Notes This was made for the lovely suchaprince 's birthday, along with an accompanying fic called "You've Escaped". It is more or less set during the first half of Season Six.

Full album art, track listing, and download after the cut

( Darling, just don't put down your guns yet,
if there really was a God here,
he'd have raised a hand by now.

Full album art, track listing, and download like after the cut

"This is the bed that I have made, this is the grave where I will lay"

Full album art, track listing, and download link under the cut

"I tried to give you up, but I'm addicted"
Title: Smoke 'em if you've got 'em
Subject: Ruby and Crowley a.k.a Bonnie and Clyde
Notes: first and foremost I need to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY DARLING suchaprince, because as much I love you, other people on the internet, this is a christmas present for HER. You see, awhile back, when we first got on our whole "Katie!Ruby and Crowley would be the BESTEST FRIENDS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD" bit we decided that back in the day, the two of the them were totally Bonnie and Clyde.
And then she went and was even more awesome and wrote this nifty fic called You, me, and the Ford V8 ABOUT them actually BEING Bonnie and Clyde. And it was freakin' amazing.

Full album art, track listing, and download link under the cut

(Until the lights grew dim, until the cop cars came)
Subject: Ruby mainly, mentions of Sam/Ruby, as well as Dean, Castiel, Lucifer and a few others.
Title: The Wasteland
Notes: So, basically, in the year and a half that it took me to write The Wasteland I had managed to compile a "sound track" that I would listen to while I was writing it, and that I also gave to my beta suchaprince to listen to while she was beta...ing? And she thought listening to it while reading was kinda awesome, so I thought, hey, why not share it with the greater interwebs? And I totally did not have the selfish motive of trying to coerce more people into reading my series ... none at all.

Full album art, track listing, and download under the cut

(No more dreaming like a girl, so in love, so in love)

March 24th, 2013

Title: Demolition
Fandom: RPS
Subject/pairing: Jared/Jensen
Notes: This fanmix was made to go with my zombie!Jensen fanart so this is not a happy mix.

PS if anybody knows how to get 8tracks streaming working on LJ and could help me out I'd be really grateful!
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